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Rwanda Travel

There was a confirmed grenade attack along a main road in the town of Gitarama on the evening of 24 January. Approximately 14 people were injured.

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Boulvard de la Revolution

phone: view phone+250 577777, 578560

fax: view fax+250 578565

e-mail: send an e-mail

    Kiboko Tours & Travel

    For all your trip to Rwanda thank you to contact us. It wil be a pleasure to assist yo

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    Avenue de la Paix 1st floor

    phone: view phone+250 50-1741

    fax: view fax+250 50-1741

    website: http://www.kibokotours.com

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      Zebra Country Tours

      We are located in the Center of the Rwandan capital - Kigali. At zebra Country Tours we value your presence in the country of a Thousand Hills and that is why we take care of every single detail of your stay in Rwanda.

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      Zebra is located at UTC BP 6230

      phone: view phone(+250) 788468152

      website: http://www.zebracountry.rw

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        16 Boulevard de la Revoulution Immeuble Lucullus

        phone: view phone+250 572552, 578646,

        fax: view fax+250 573853

        e-mail: send an e-mail

          Gorilland Safaris Ltd Tours

          Gorilland Safaris Ltd. is a Tour , Travel and Car Rental company registered here in Rwanda.

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          phone: view phone.(250) 574 565, Mob.(25078)...

          fax: view fax(250) 510120

          website: http://gsafaris.co.rw/abou...

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            Europcar Rwanda car rental offers you low prices, great service and new vehicles. Located at airports, railway stations and in city centers, Rwanda car rental stations are where you need them. For business or pleasure, Europcar has the right rental c

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            733 Avenue Des Parcs (opposite Gorilla Hotel), Kiy

            phone: view phone+250 252 571355 +250 782 80...

            fax: view fax+250 252 571355

            website: www.europcar.com

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