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Airport Building Kigali Kigali Province, Rwanda

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Kigali International Airport, Kigali

phone: view phone+250 252 584500

website: http://gohoto.rw/fine-dini...

    Mama Africa

    Eugene Cobra, the proprietor of Cadillac nightclub and Cobra Production, on Wednesday announced the revamp of the nightclub.

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    Cadillac complex

    phone: view phone+250 252511622

      Republika Lounge

      The rebirth of cool! Once Zanzibar was the place to be, now the former owner has bounced back with Republika, definitely the place to be in Kigali. In the fancy Kiyovu area, there are huge views from the large terrace here

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      off Avenue des Grands Lacs

      phone: view phone(+250)-252-504051, Mobile: ...

      website: http://lonelyplanet.com/se...

        Executive Car Wash

        Executive Car Wash is a strange little place. not only a restaurant, also a car wash, as the name would suggest. but fortunately the car washing and food cooking activities are quite nicely separated.

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        Kigali Around the corner from Cadillac

        phone: view phone+250 252 577456

        website: http://livinginkigali.com/...

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