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INZU Lodge Restaurant

Best Service! Best Value!

At INZU Lodge restaurant come experience international cuisine, outsanding service, great ambiance, and beautiful views of lake Kivu.
1 % of our profits will go to the community

Simba Coffee Shop

Editors Choice! Best Service! Best Value!

Simba Cafe is a contemporary restaurant located right outside Simba Supermarket in a comfortable, convenient setting inside the cafe and under an outdoor umbrella. With affordable prices, great tasting meals and timely service,perfect spot for lunch!

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Simba Supermarket

phone: view phone0783432027/0728301385

    Li'l Vegas

    Editors Choice! Best Service! Best Value!

    Pub Food, Bar, Live Matches, Sports Betting, Slot Machines...

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    Karisimbi avenue (same street of the former T2000) Near Ecole Belge

    phone: view phone+250 782 734 193

    website: http://www.facebook.com/ve...

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      Experience fine dining in Kigali at Délices Restaurant serving exquisite local and international cuisine. Crystal View cocktail lounge and bar offer 360° views of Kigali. Exciting live gaming at our Casino Kigali, the only casino in Kigali.

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      Top Tower Hotel, Kiyovu, Kigali

      phone: view phone+250 252 585555

      website: http://www.toptowerhotel.com

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        Gisozi Source Oil Petrol Station

        phone: view phone+250785302559, +250783282755

          Found 8 records

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