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Cathédrale Saint-Michel De Kigali

L'archidiocèse de Kigali, au Rwanda, a été érigé canoniquement le 10 avril 1976 par le pape Paul VI. Son archevêque est Mgr Thaddée Ntihinyuzwa, qui siège à la cathédrale Saint-Michel de Kigali.

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7th Day Adventist Church

Adventists in Rwanda Despite the unrest through the years, the Adventist Church continues to grow

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St Stephen

The Church of the Province of Rwanda traces its roots to two missionary doctors of the British Church Missionary Society. Arthur Stanely Smith and Leonard Sharp began a mission movement in Rwanda during the first two years of World War I.

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Inkuru Nziza

Inkuru-Nziza City Center Church belongs to the “ Association des Eglises Inkuru-Nziza au Rwanda” (Inkuru Nziza Churches Association in Rwanda) known as Brethren Assemblies in other countries.

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Avenue du Commeiz centre ville

website: http://inkurunziza.com!

    Bethel Church

    Communauté des Eglises Bethel au Rwanda (C.E.B.R)or Community of Bethel Churches in Rwanda,was Founded by Pastor François & Thérèse NKURUNZIZA in 1998.

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    Remera Kigali

      CLA is an English speaking, cell based Church that believes in the Bible and the power to change lives through a living relationship with Jesus Christ. We are committed to building relationships within our community.

      4324 200 Meters from Gishushu towards MTN Center 4324

      phone: view phone+250788531402

      website: http://www.clarwanda.org/home

      e-mail: send an e-mail

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