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Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

Editors Choice! Best Service! Best Value!

To transform Rwanda into a dynamic global hub for business, investment, and innovation.

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Boulevard de l'Umuganda Gishushu, Nyarutarama Road B.P. 6239

fax: view fax+250 252 580388

website: http://www.rdb.rw/

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    Social Security Fund Of Rwanda

    “Efficiently manage members’ funds and provide high quality service to beneficiaries and other stakeholders�

    Umuganda Street BP : 250

    phone: view phone+250 252 2147483647

    fax: view fax+250 584445

    website: http://www.csr.gov.rw/

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      The Workforce Development Authority (Wda)

      WDA's vision is to become a regional centre of excellence in workforce development

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      kigali B.P. 2707

      phone: view phone(+250)-252-55113365

      website: http://www.wda.gov.rw/

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        Rwanda Utilities Regalatory Agency(Rura)

        To be a leader, point of reference and pace setter in the field of modern utilities regulation not only within the sub-region but internationally.

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        B.P. 7289

        phone: view phone(250)252 58 45 62

        fax: view fax(250)252 58 45 63

        website: http://www.rura.gov.rw/

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          Rwanda Investment And Export Promotion Agency (Riepa)

          The Rwandan Government is committed to ensuring that the precarious state of the nation’s capital base is overcome through increased investment both domestic and foreign.

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          B.P. 621

          phone: view phone(250) 510248, 585179, 58522...

          fax: view fax(250) 510249

          website: http://amis.minagri.gov.rw/

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            Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority

            MISSION Making Rwanda Airports the most preferred in the region and Ensuring that RCAA is a trusted Regulator and Reliable Service provider.

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            phone: view phone0252585845, (+250)788534909...

            fax: view fax252582609

            website: http://www.caa.gov.rw

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              Rwanda Revenue Authority

              “To become a world-class efficient and modern revenue agency, fully financing national needs.�

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              phone: view phone+250 252595500

              website: http://www.rra.gov.rw/

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                Student Financing Agency For Rwanda

                Organize the financing of all Rwandese pursuing Higher Education in recognized institutions within and outside Rwanda.

                BP 3667

                phone: view phone(+250)-252-580293/4

                fax: view fax(+250)-252-580292

                website: http://www.sfar.gov.rw/

                e-mail: send an e-mail

                  Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat (Pscbs)

                  To enhance capacity of public institutions to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, and transparency in service delivery. A new Vision is under development through the ongoing process of preparing a Strategic Plan for PSCBS

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                  Vision To enhance capacity of public institutions It is a two minutes drive from the Amahoro Nation B.P 7367

                  website: http://main.pscbs.gov.rw/

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                    Privatisation Secretariat

                    "Empowering the Private Sector"

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                    BP 158 Kigali

                    phone: view phone(250) 575383, 570989, 57099...

                    fax: view fax(250) 575384

                    website: http://www.gov.rw/economy/...

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