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Postal Address: 2166
Town :Kigali
Telephone: +250 512062
Country: Rwanda
e-mail: soriex@rwandatel1.rwanda.com

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phone: view phone+250 84776, 572470

fax: view fax+250 252512059

    Editors Choice!

    Looking for a Wind Turbine sales Representative to sell and install Wind Turbines in Rwanda.

    6286 144th Street Savage, Mn 55378 USA

    phone: view phone9522010396

    fax: view fax952-440-1818

    website: http://jeiwind.com

    e-mail: send an e-mail

      Arkay International

      Today consumer demands products that are latest in technology, along with the highest degree of Durability and Reliability. That is what you get with Domesto Home Appliances.

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      phone: view phone(+250)-252-571971

      fax: view fax(+250)-252-571970

        Found 10 records

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