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Ministry Of Youth, Culture And Sports

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Mission To develop and support implementation of policies and strategies that promote Youth, Sports and Cultural development initiatives that lead to the economic and social transformation as well as to a productive and patriotic generation. Vision Youth, Sports and Culture sub-sectors developed to ensure an empowered productive and responsible population Core Functions 1. Develop and disseminate the sector policies, strategies and programs – Elaborate policies, strategies and programs that contribute to the promotion of sports, recreational, culture and national heritage – Development policies, strategies and programs contributing to the youth social and economic transformation – Ensure that policies and strategies to promote youth economic and social transformation respond to the real needs of the youth – Ensure that policies and strategies are disseminated and appropriately implemented to attain the intended objectives – Development and implement strategies that promote cooperation between national, regional and international youth organizations 2. Regulate the sector and related sub-sectors ? Elaborate the guidelines to orient different stakeholders in the sector of Youth, Sports and Culture to ensure coordination and avoid duplication of efforts ? Develop, disseminate and implement standards and norms applicable to the sector and sub-sectors ? Ensure alignment and harmonization of the ministry’s programs with the Government strategies such as Vision2020, EDPRS etc 3. Institutional and Human Resources Development – Promote the development of institutions that support the development of Youth, Sports and Culture – Reinforce organizational and human resources capacities of the institutions that operate in the sector and sub-sectors – Promote development of infrastructural facilities that support the development and sustainability of sports, recreational and cultural programs – Promote research and development of cultural and sport activities – Promote quality achievement and performance improvement throughout Youth, Sports and Culture sub-sectors – Promote initiatives and programs contributing to the creation of socio-economic activities and to infrastructures for youth development 4. Coordination, Monitoring and evaluation of sector and sub-sectors policies, strategies and programs – Strengthen, rationalize and coordinate actions within Government institutions, private sector, civil society, UN and other partners with an aim of uplifting and promoting youth empowerment – Set up and implement a monitoring and evaluation system that helps to measure the progress and impact in the Youth Sports and Culture sub-sectors. 5. Oversee the institutions under supervision – Provide strategic guidance and orientations on specific programs to the institutions under the Ministry’s supervision to ensure alignment with Strategic vision of the country ? Supervise the functioning and management of public institutions and agencies of the ministry for efficiency and effectiveness. 6. Mobilize resources for the development of the sector and related programs Source and mobilize resources and supervise actions to ensure their rational utilization in the sub-sectors the Ministry is responsible for Promote partnership and private investment in the sector development in liaison MINECOFIN Build a strong advocacy mechanism that promotes Youth, Sports and Culture development


Kigali, Rwanda
, B.P. 1044

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