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Spotted: HTC One 'Mini' with 4.3-inch display

That's the claim, at least, from Estonia-based site Forte.delfi.ee, which claims the device is an upcoming HTC One alternative from the company.

No-Book Library? BiblioTech Is Coming

It sounds like an oxymoron, but come the fall of 2013, San Antonio's Bexar County is going to be home to the BiblioTech, the country's first book-less public library. Of course, there will be books -- just e-books, not physical books.

Foxconn used 14-year-old interns at its factory in China

Taiwan's Foxconn, the world's largest contract electronics maker, has acknowledged using student interns as young as 14 in a Chinese factory.

Start-Ups Silicon Valley Ep. 6: Booty calls and booted dolls

The sixth episode of Silicon Valley's most valuable reality show reveals that there is no end to drama when a man tries to run more than one company and more than one woman.

Dell tells shareholders to vote for Michael Dell deal

The board says the founder's buyout offer will provide the "best possible outcome for shareholders," trumping the rival bid from Carl Icahn.

Afurika y’Uburasirazuba yibasiwe na ba rushimusi mu ikoranabuhanga (hackers)

Ba rushimusi bakomeye mu ikoranabuhanga (hackers) bamaze iminsi binjira kandi bagashimuta amakuru n’ubukungu bukomeye mu mbuga za interineti z’ibigo binyuranye mu bihugu by’Afurika y’Uburasirazuba cyane cyane ibyo muri Kenya.

Change.org petition site targets UK campaigners

The popular US-based campaign site Change.org is opening a UK branch as part of a global roll-out.

Mars rover Opportunity hits new record for miles driven in space

Breaking the record of miles trekked by a NASA vehicle in another world, the Mars rover traverses 22.2 miles across the Red Planet.

Icann's internet suffix application deadline looms

Organisations wishing to buy web addresses ending in their brand names have until the end of Thursday to submit applications.

ORG: Mobile filters censor innocent content

Pornography filters on mobile phones are "censoring" normal web content, according to the Open Rights Group.

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