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Boy, 11, wounded in Boston Marathon blast makes emotional return to the finish line

An 11-year-old boy who was seriously injured in the Boston Marathon bombing has come back to the finish line - one day after the city re-opened Boylston Street.

Kristi's Kids making moves on chess board

TUCSON - Do you have a child who won't sit still? A boy who can't focus or a girl, who's easily distracted? Well it turns out an ancient board game can help.

Disney Gears Up for Kids Upfront Event

Disney’s Kids Upfront event on Tuesday at Gotham’s Hudson Theater could well be a victory lap as the mothership Disney Channel reigns in the kidvid realm as the No. 1 net among tykes 2-11 and 6-11.

Un bébé sur deux présente un retard langagier

When the health check carried out to thirty months in the structures of the ONE (Office National Children), only 50% of children have no language delay, according to figures from the 2010 report of the bank medical and social data of the ONE

Lego Man Goes To Space.

It seems as though Lego man are popping up everywhere - First there was the giant mysterious one.

These Fungi Loves Plastic!

Even as we humans keep polluting the world, nature somehow keeps finding a way to help rectify our mistakes. First, there is the molecule that helps reduce global warming. Now, a team of Yale undergraduates may have stumbled something equally amazing - Pl


Muri iyi si usanga izina umwana ahabwa riba rizagira icyo rikora ku mibereho ye yo mu gihe kiri imbere.

Amajyepfo: Umwaka wa 2013 uzasiga nta mwana uri mu kigo cy’imfubyi

Abana barererwa mu bigo by’imfubyi ngo umwaka utaha wa 2013 urarangira abana bose bamaze gushyirwa mu miryango kugira ngo na bo bahabwe uburere nk’abandi bana kuko batabashije kubuhabwa n’ababyeyi babo.

Heartbreaking pictures of the Chinese horrifically disfigured by blaze as he returns to school

A seven-year-old boy forced to wear a surgical mask after he was horrifically burned in a wood fire has returned to school after more than 18 months of intensive treatment.

Sexual abuse, physical assaults and a home filled with drugs: The heartbreaking upbringing of boy, 1

Cristian Fernandez was 12 when he 'smashed brother's head against shelf and sexually abused his five-year-old cousin'

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