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Tippi Hedren: Hitchcock ruined my career

Actress Tippi Hedren said that legendary director Alfred Hitchcock ruined her career, not her life.

Robert Pattinson et Kristen Stewart : De nouveaux projets ciné pour les amoureux

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still new projects for film. The two lovers continue their careers each of their sides after being found in the same film.

Uyu mwaka u Rwanda ntirwagaragaye muri Tribeca Film Festival

Mu gihe mu mwaka washize muri Tribeca Film Festival herekanwe filime zakozwe n’Abanyarwanda zigera kuri enye, ndetse n’umwaka wa 2010 hakerekanwa filime imwe yakorewe mu Rwanda, uyu mwaka si ko byagenze kuko nta filime n’imwe yo mu Rwanda yigeze iherekani

Tom Hardy: Pourquoi on aime le héros de Target

At 34, the actor London we are not unknown. From Inception to Target, the UK has come a long way. A good opportunity to remember why we love it.

Filime “Narrow Gate” igiye kujya ku ahagaragara

Umuhanzi Uwayishima Siméon, uzwi ku izina rya Dr Wai yatangaje ko agiye gushyira ku mugaragaro filime ye nshya yise “Narrow Gate”.

Jacques Audiard : 6e film et 3e sélection officielle à Cannes

With his latest film, De Rust and bone, to be presented this Thursday, May 17 in Cannes, Jacques Audiard can again boast of presenting a film on the Croisette. Of the six films he makes, it is the third to be in competition at Cannes.

Twilight : Les premières images du dernier film

After the publication Entertainment Weekly for one of the first official photos of the final installment of Twilight is a series of pictures that the magazine has decided to unveil. We discover a host of characters.

First Look: New 'Indiana Jones' Cover Art

Back in February it was announced that all of the Indiana Jones movies are finally headed to Blu-ray this fall in one complete package. Now, we have a first look at the cover art for Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures and the official release date!

The Wolverine : une première image musclée

The first official image of The Wolverine has a Hugh Jackman transformed into superhero hyper-muscular and tough.

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