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Tighter rules for student visas could cost UK £2.4bn in a decade – study

Research suggests more students are choosing to study in the US and Canada and that the change cannot easily be reversed

M23 rebels have not committed war crimes, says US envoy

There is no evidence the M23 rebels, who are fighting the Congo government, have committed war crimes, a top US war crimes official has said.

Should schools teach how to use Twitter responsibly?

A private school has begun to teach 13 and 14-year-olds the pitfalls of Twitter, with classes on libel and internet safety. Is this something that should be extended to all students?

Tanzania university students advised to protect national interests

University students in the country have been advised to defend national interests instead of resorting to demonstrations for individual interests or those of a small group of people.

Life after SATs: what will you be teaching this summer? – open thread

Now that SATs are done and dusted, tell us what you are planning for your year 6 class this summer

Only 11 in 100 Muslims take up higher education

Eleven of 100 Muslims in India take up higher education – the lowest as regards religion-based enrolment in higher education.

Abanyeshuri bigaga kuri TPC bashubijwe amafaranga yabo

yi nkuru iri mu Kinyarwanda , reba ku ruhande rw'iburyo hejuru maze uhindure ururimi kugirango ubashe kuyisoma.

Indian expats explore higher education options in Saudi Arabia

Students and parents have strongly urged the Indian mission to explore options for opening higher education avenues for Indian expatriate students with Saudi authorities.

Clegg's class dilemma

People who send their children to private schools are seeking to buy an advantage for them (I might send my son to private school – Clegg, 25 January).

Uganda: Competition for university tightens

The number of candidates eligible for admission to universities and other tertiary institutions has increased due to improved performance in the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education examinations last year.

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