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Getting into your own business (Part 3): Most people fail before achieving success

What does Abraham Lincoln (US President), Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company), Henry John Heinz (H.J. Heinz), Walt Disney (Disneyland), Milton Hershey (Hershey’s), Soichiro Honda (Honda), Akio Morita (Sony), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Harland David Sanders

Rwanda to get second sugar factory

Rwanda is set to get a second sugar factor amid sugar shortages that push prices higher.A Government official told Business Times that the new factory will be constructed in Ntasho in the Eastern Province once a second feasibility study by Mauritius

In2EastAfrica partnered with Travelstart to provide cheap flight bookings

Anyone who has travelled in Africa for business will know that it is not a cheap exercise. Intra-African flights are generally expensive and once you’ve arrived at your destination, you still need to fork out a substantial amount of money for a decent hot

Helios Towers Africa speaks at ‘10th Innovation Africa Digital Summit’ 2012

Helios Towers Africa (“HTA”), the leading, independent, telecoms towers company in Africa, announces its attendance at the invitation-only “Innovation Africa Digital Summit” in Addis Ababa, hosted in partnership with the Government of Ethiopia.

Africa: U.S. Congressional Inaction Threatens Jobs, Consumers

The United States may jeopardize its relationship with 40 countries in sub-Saharan Africa if Congress does not act urgently to extend a provision of a trade law which allows African-manufactured apparel to be more easily exported to U.S. markets.

Kyambadde hails Netherland over investment

Trade minister, Amelia Kyambadde, has praised the Netherlands Government for delivering on its agreements with the Ugandan Government by investing and support trade in the country.

Copper smelting plant opens shop in Dar es Salaam

A local company has invested over one million US dollars (about 16bn/-) on copper oxide ore smelting plant in Dar es Salaam with more in sight to expand its business.

Uganda is the cheapest place to find oil in the world

The cost of finding commercial oil reserves in Uganda is less than a dollar compared to the global trends justifying increased investors’ appetite for petroleum exploration licenses.
“On the global scale the finding cost range between $5 and $25

Eastern Province genocide widows get exotic heifers

Genocide widows from Rwamagana and Kayonza districts in the Eastern Province have received 35 exotic heifers from the MSAAD project in Ireland.

Starbucks increases coffee purchases from Rwanda

Rwandan coffee sold to Starbucks Corporation increased by approximately forty containers per year, Alex Kanyankole, the Director General National Agriculture Export Board (NAEB), said.

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